Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dwayne Wade amazing defense, blocks Deng and Rose

We all know that Dwayne Wade is a great  NBA player but after being posterized by Taj Gibson’s slam dunk in Game 1, several of spectators came to doubt the credibility of Wade defense. Can Wade defend a much bigger man? Or can he defend quicker players like Derrick Rose?

After winning Game 4 of the NBA eastern Conference Finals between Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls, Dwayne Wade proved all the allegations wrong.

“Game is not won in the early minutes, it is won in the last minute” Wade quoted in the interview

Dwayne Wade is like a bomb. He can explode anytime. This time he exploded in his defense. Off offensively all game long, Wade was able to blocked Luol Deng and NBA Season’s MVP Derrick Rose in crucial minutes of overtime. Heat won 101-93 

watch Dwayne Wade amazing defense here

read the story of game 4 between heat and bulls here

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