Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Heat won in Game 4 vs Chicago Bulls

Every game is important. This is what Lebron James had in his mind. Playing like a monster of the court in Game 4 of the NBA eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls. Lebron was unstoppable. No one from bulls was able to stop him from scoring. James got 34 points with 100 percent in the free throw line (12/12).

James also played a good defense over NBA 2010-2011 season’s MVP, Derrick Rose.
Aside from James, Heat played like a champion team as all their players stepped up. Mike Miller from bench contributed his 12 points, Chris Bosh also had his moments from scoring and Dwayne Wade made an impressive defense on the overtime. Heat won game 4. 101-93

watch Dwayne Wade impressive defense here

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