Friday, May 13, 2011

Real life Hanna Montana, Kylee Saunders

True to life  story of Hanna Montana, well, she's not Miley Cirus, her name is Kylee Saunders. By week, she is just a typical  16 years old junior high school student in Arizona, but every week ends, Kylee with her mother travels to Japan where she is a sensational  teen superstar.

"It's amazing cause I get to have two separate lives I guess you could say," She says in an appearance on "Today." "Whenever I go to school in Arizona I can just be normal and hang out with friends and family, and I have singing in another country -- in Japan -- which I love, so it's really awesome." Kylee said.

Watch Kylee Saunders music video here


  1. Ayos ah.. normal kid sa isang country, then a celebrity sa isa.. She's living and getting the BEST of both worlds nga tlga. :)

  2. kewl! ang galing! nakaka-inggit. heheh


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