Friday, June 10, 2011

Watch Lebron James dance like a gay, Dallas won game 5 of 2010-2011 NBA Finals

After a poor performance of the former Cleveland Cavaliers Superstar Lebron James on game 5 of NBA 2010-2011 finals between Miami Heat and Dallas Maverics, several fans questioned, what happened to Lebron?
“I don’t think so; I don’t believe so; no, I’m not,” James told the Toronto Star and other media outlets when asked if he was feeling pressure. “We as a team played good enough to win, again. We put ourselves in a position to win down the stretch. Guys made plays, they just made a few more than we did.”
Mavs past heat on game 5 and ready to battle game 6 in Miami
Meanwhile, I accidentally   watched Lebron James on youtube. I don’t know whats on his mind but i found this very hilariousWatch Lebron James video of dancing like a gay in HD here

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