Monday, September 26, 2011

Amazing Race 19 11 Teams Contestants (Cast)

The Amazing Race will start on September 29, The race will be compose of 11  new teams including the cast of survivor all star Ethan and Jenna. They will race travelling around the world. Hope you enjoy. Here the cast

Liz Canavan, 24, and Marie Canavan, 24 (twins)

Ron Zeitz, 44, and Bill Smith, 49 (domestic partners)

Ethan Zohn, 37, and Jenna Morasca, 30 (dating couple)

Andy Finch, 30, and Tommy Czeschin, 32 (friends/former Olympic snowboarders)

Bill, 63, and Cathi Alden, 62 (married couple)

Amani, 36, and Marcus Pollard, 39 (married couple)

Kaylani Paliotta, 33, and Lisa Tilley, 32 (friends)

Jeremy Cline, 35, and Sandy Draghi, 33 (dating couple)

Laurence, 48, and Zac Sunderland, 19 (father and son)

Justin Young, 31, and Jennifer Young, 30 (siblings)

Ernie Halvorsen, 29, and Cindy Chiang, 30 (engaged couple)

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